Wednesday, 4 January 2017

VIDEO:"Buhari is the best President ever elected in Nigeria"- says Turkey based Igbo guy

Turkey based Igbo guy says "Buhari is the best President ever elected in Nigeria. Those criticising the President are fools"  WATCH VIDEO after cut....

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Anonymous said...


1. Jonathan budgeted N1 Billion for feeding in the Villa, PMB N1.7 Billion.
2. Jonathan spent N1.4 billion servicing presidential jets, PMB N6 billion.
3. Jonathan funded education and built new universities, PMB budgeted more for Ministry of Information than Ministry of Education.
4. Jonathan spent N8 million per foreign trip on average, PMB N55 million. Jonathan created jobs, PMB’s policies have caused unemployment.
5. Jonathan’s fuel price was N87, PMB’s N150.
6. Jonathan’s dollar exchange rate was N185, under PMB there are 11 different “official” dollar exchange rates. For Pilgrims’ it’s N197; Customs N285; Budget N305; Interbank N315; Fuel Imports N316; International Bank Card N319; Travelex N345; Special Funds Airlines N355; Western Union N375; Bureau De Change N400; and Black Market N500 Eugene Onahoro via Dailytrust via Olori Mojisola Onashile-Peal
7. In addition: Jonathan didn't increase imported product's tariff, PMB just did.
8. Jonathan probed his government officials and partymen alleged to be corrupt, PMB is shielding them....
the list is endless.