Saturday, 7 January 2017

Touching: Watch Unity Among Beggars As Man Saves Them From Hunger(VIDEO)

Hasan Tanko shared this pictures and video captioned:
"Haba! These innocent destitute beggers were from Danduna (a town somewhere in Kano State) . I met them faint from hunger at my doorstep. They can't even beg! Do you know why?.....They're hungry. WATCH VIDEO after cut....

I fed them with little I have and they told me their own side of story . Their story is so touching ! You can't listen unless you are strong-minded person.
These underage guys are really suffering.
They were sent away to a teacher called 'Mallam' by their uncle who did not sent his own children together with them------ because he loves them but for these orphans, he did not care about their future.
What do you think about this boys in the future if they continue this way?
Are they likely to become soldiers, police, engineers, medical doctors, technologists or destitute beggers?
When are we going to change? Let's come together and kick these abuse out of our society.
Do something know.
Fight against child abuse."

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